Gates of Olympus reviews of real players

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Kelly Flexx  2023-02-13

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What do you know about Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play? To save you a lot of time, I've picked up reviews for you from various sources. Note that not all of the comments are positive. I decided not to hide anything and just copy these reviews from various forums. The reviews will help you know the real pros and cons that other players encounter, not just the features as many reviews do. Read the reviews and see what the regular players on the internet think. Based on that, you'll be able to decide if Gates of Olympus is right for you or if you should choose something else.

1. Literally earned a month's salary in three hours!

Rthe001 30.01.2023

Started playing in Gates of Olympus over the New Year's holidays and over the weekend was able to earn my paycheck. Of course, I will not gamble, but I confirm that the slot really pays and gives to win even with small bets.


2. Everything is great, Gates of Olympus paid out $1000!

Keilvren987 20.02.2023

I want to share my experience. I played in Gates of Olympus and literally in 2 days I managed to raise $1000. It's very nice that such slots still exist. No questions about the gameplay.


3. Thank you very much for recommending the slot. Won $100 in an hour!

Banor112 15.01.2023

I Gates of Olympus liked not only the graphics, but also the bonuses. For free spins once won more than $50, and the bet was only $0.5.


4. Glad that Pragmatic Play doesn't stop releasing cool slots

Rtiakenau1 29.11.2022

I decided to spend $30 and started playing Gates of Olympus. A lot of bets were losing, but in the evening went only payments. I do not know whether it depends on the time of day, but throughout the night increased my balance in 40 times.


5. Gates of Olympus I really liked it. I didn't think that gambling could really pay!

Ched5 13.01.2022

Previously did not play slots, but Gates of Olympus very interested. I decided not to risk too much, so I deposited $30. In the end I won about $ 500, which was just a shock to me.


6. Thanks to Gates of Olympus was able to win over $200 in one day!

Qund1 28.01.2023

I was sitting at work and had a lot of free time. So I decided to play Gates of Olympus. By the end of the day the balance was about $250. Excellent addition to my salary. However, I do not advise anyone to play for big money, because not every spin gives a payout.


7. Gates of Olympus is very pleased!

Xtised4 29.12.2022

It was my birthday recently, so I decided to play Gates of Olympus. Refilled my balance with $500 and started spinning the reels. Literally after an hour in the account was more than $ 3,000. Thanks for the holiday gift.


8. Unimpressed by Gates of Olympus

Alasina 16.01.2023

Gates of Olympus looks good, but doesn't work for me. Played for about 3 hours and lost over $300. You may have had some payouts, but I had only minuses. That's why I don't recommend the slot.


9. Gates of Olympus - middle slot

Uchah1 15.02.2023

To me, Gates of Olympus does not stand out from other slots. Standard bonuses and average odds. Of course, the developers added a few features, but I was not impressed.


10. Pragmatic Play pleasantly surprised!

Quarmin0 13.02.2023

Gates of Olympus came out recently, but it's already my favorite slot. Thanks to the developers for not forgetting about the bonuses. There are quite a lot of them and they fall out often. I'm sure not everyone is so lucky, but I won about $500.


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